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American Spoon Collectors [ASC] is a national and international organization which was founded in 1974. American Spoon Collectors, unlike regional spoon clubs, is the only organization which supports the souvenir spoon collecting hobby on a national and international level. ASC members include individuals not only from the United States and Canada but also from Australia, England, Africa, France, Israel and Japan.
For the past 35 years, Spooners Forum has been published monthly and has provided souvenir spoon collectors with much valuable information and many resources. Spooners Forum includes: feature articles on souvenir spoons; information about souvenir spoon collecting; latest information about spoon club meetings and activities; letters and comments from ASC members; timely editorials on spoon related subjects; Spoon Shop (for advertising, buying, selling, trading, listing wants); Spoon Sale Section in which ASC members consign spoons for sale. While the content of various issues will vary depending upon the month and information received, I am sure that you will continue to find Spooners Forum to be a premier newsletter.
Spooners Forum is devoted entirely to Souvenir Spoons and is eminently useful, as our members attest, for the Avid Collector, New Collector, Casual Aficionada & Aficionado and Antique Dealers. Periodically ASC also sponsors educational seminar programs and meetings to enhance the souvenir spoon collecting hobby: e.g. a meeting at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, a seminar devoted to the Gorham Archives at Brown University (Providence, RI) and an educational program featuring presentations on souvenir spoons and a hands-on seminar on collecting silver at Replacements Ltd. in Greensboro, NC. In 2009 a ASC meeting is in the planning stages — details to be announced in a forth-coming issue of Spooners Forum.
The annual membership in American Spoon Collectors includes a yearly subscription to Spooners Forum and the Mail Auction Catalog. The annual subscription rates are very modest. Please submit your subscription payment in a timely manner so that you will receive the next issue of Spooners Forum and the Mail Auction Catalog.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: E-mail:
And, I look forward to receiving your subscription renewal for Spooners Forum and the Mail Auction Catalog. Happy Spooning!
American Spoon Collectors publishes a monthly newsletter called SPOONERS FORUM which includes feature articles and information about souvenir spoons and spoon collecting as well as timely editorials on spoon related subjects. Included also are letters from members, an advertising section and frequently a Spoon Auction Section in which members have consigned spoons for sale.
Annual Subscription Membership is:
$20.00 [US dollars] for subscribers in the United States
$28.00 [US dollars) for subscribers in Canada
$30.00 [US dollars] for subscribers in England, Australia, France, Italy & all other countries
Individual issues of Spooners Forum are available for $3.00 per issue.
With your subscription to Spooners Forum, you are entitled to a FREE one-time sixty (60) word ad in the Spoon Shop section which lists items for sale, wants and trade. For advertising rates for dealers or auction sellers who might wish to advertise in Spooners Forum, please contact the Editor, Robert M. Wilhelm.
Spooners Forum is mailed first class mail each month.
Print out the Membership Forum [below} and send your payment in U.S. dollars. PayPal payment can be accepted by CASH only from your PayPal account. PayPal payments should be sent to;

American Spoon Collectors is an organization of individuals (and friends) who:
* love to swap spoon stories about mutual collecting passions
* who never question why you spent a fortune on that once-in-a-lifetime spoon
* who form a network to help each other to find a special spoon

For Additional Information, contact:
Robert M. Wilhelm, Editor, Spooners Forum
American Spoon Collectors
P.O. Box 243
Rhinecliff, NY 12574
Telephone: 845-876-0303
Fax: 845-876-2037

American Spoon Collectors Membership Forum
Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
City: __________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________________
Telephone: ________________________________________
E-mail Address; ______________________________________________-
Nota Bene: The ASC membership lists are not made public or published for your safety and convenience. On occasion, however, individual members may request a club member's address, telephone number and e-mail address. Please indicate whether or not this information may be given to another club member upon request:
______ YES _______ NO

The Annual Subscription Rate for American Spoon Collectors and Spooners Forum has remained the same for many years in spit of increased mailing and printing costs. The generosity of members who are willing to add a bit to the postage pot has allowed American Spoon Collectors to continue to maintain the $20.00 subscription fee.
Annual Subscription (full year - 12 issues) - United States $20.00 ________
Annual Subscription (full year - 12 issues) - Canada $28.00 ________
Half year Subscription US & Canada (6 months - 6 issues) $15.00 ________
Annual Subscription (full year - 12 issues) - Europe $30.00 ________
Half year Subscription (6 months - 6 issues) - Europe $18.00 ________
Contribution for Postage ________
Total Amount Enclosed ________

Mail to:
American Spoon Collectors
Robert M. Wilhelm, Editor - Spooners Forum
P.O. Box 243
Rhinecliff, NY 12574
Telephone: 845-876-0303
Fax: 845-876-2037
You may also pay by PayPal.
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